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Dalia (ডালিয়া) | 100 gm
Dalia (ডালিয়া) | 100 gm
Dalia (ডালিয়া) | 100 gm
Dalia (ডালিয়া) | 100 gm

Dalia (ডালিয়া) | 100 gm

Dalia (ডালিয়া) | 100 gm

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Here's How Daliya Helps In Weight Loss

  • Low In Calories. Dalia is an extremely low-calorie superfood. ...
  • High On Fibre. One of the best features of daliya is its high quantum of fibre. ...
  • Low Glycemic Index. A bowlful of daliya has very low glycemic index. ...
  • Rich In Protein. Daliya makes for an excellent source of protein.

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